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Corrosion Handling


“If something has failed due to corrosion, we have probably seen it – and solved it.”

The best background for corrosion handling is to have practical field experience in identifying and solving corrosion problems. No other company has the breadth and depth of experience that Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd offers in research, analysis and practical solutions for corrosion controls and Handling.

We have built a nationwide reputation for the quality of our corrosion and failure-analysis services and its cost-effective solutions. Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd has been providing corrosion consulting, corrosion prevention, and corrosion-control services for several years. Our objectives are: to provide a high quality of service at a reasonable price, to develop practical solutions to clients’ corrosion problems, and to work with our clients as a team.

We deliver an extensive menu of pipeline integrity solutions and brings specialized expertise to the process. The structural integrity of your pipeline system is a well-planned road map that begins with prevention and corrosion control and handling.

With several years of experience in the business, our company has earned a solid reputation in the oil and gas industry by delivering turnkey pipeline integrity management services. We take great pride in our multi-disciplinary team of specialists who display a high level of professionalism and excellence in every project we handle.

Our solutions are unparalleled in many ways. Clients can bank on our wealth of experience and sound knowledge in modern techniques to take care of any job with safety and efficiency. We perform outstanding prevention, inspection, and remediation.

At Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd, we pride ourselves in delivering the priceless advantages of working with a single service provider. Utilizing our in-house solutions means never having to deal with different contractors. One point of contact and one point of responsibility—we make complicated matters simple.

Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd leads the industry in cathodic protection & pipeline integrity services. Our ever-growing global footprint is a true testament to our unsurpassed capabilities to prolong the service life of pipelines and other complex assets. From design and surveys to installation and monitoring, we provide the most methodical and cost-effective pipeline integrity management services available.


Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the biggest problems associated with high temperature insulated steel. The highly aggressive environment created beneath insulation materials, in conjunction with the lack of visible evidence of corrosion, means that if not correctly managed, CUI can lead to catastrophic and expensive failures.

Why insulate?

Insulation is used to minimize heat loss, reduce costs and improve efficiency. It may also be employed to minimize heat gain or to protect personnel from the risk of injury from hot or cold surfaces.

Traditional insulation systems typically consist of an insulating material such as mineral wool or calcium silicate, which is then protected by an outer layer of cladding. Thin metal sheet or composite wraps are the most common cladding materials.

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