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General Maintenance Services

Rocotex Integrated Services is well known as one of the most reliable contracting companies in Nigeria oil and gas, energy, refineries and petrochemicals, Power & Water Sectors for mechanical, electrical andcore maintenance works. Our in-house maintenance departments are able to provide full maintenance contracts tailored to your business needs whether it is Building, Electronic Security, or Electrical/Mechanical maintenance.


Eliminating Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a localized corrosion occurring at the interface of a metal surface and the insulation on that surface. This can be a particularly severe form of corrosion because of the difficulty in detection due to the corrosion occurring beneath insulation. Inspections for corrosion under insulation are generally not completed regularly enough to eliminate this problem due to the cost of insulation removal and replacement and cost of labor. The device installed at the 6’oclock area of this insulated pipe is called H20BVIOUS. It is used in compacting CUI, by detecting any link in an insulated media.

Insulation and Coating Services
Rocotex Insulations department has provided insulation services to major energy, refineries, petrochemicals, and oil and gas company in the country. Rocotex Insulation now services the oil field industry from several of our locations in the region.

Several years of Rocotex Insulation oil field knowledge and expertise assures that every oil field insulation need from oil and water tanks, to wellheads, and custom built pump houses, will withstand the environmental rigors of the region and serve its function in protecting critical equipment and infrastructure.

Combating all kinds of severe corrosion has been a focus of our business too. Good corrosion resistance is frequently a requirement of paint coatings. Where coatings are an appropriate method of providing corrosion protection, we can provide solutions that have been proven to enhance the performance of materials likely to suffer from corrosion.

Our Coating Services covers:

  • Paint Coatings
  • Pipeline Coatings
  • Thermal Spray Coatings

Blasting and Spraying
Here at Rocotex we use nothing but the best for all of our coating and blasting jobs. Our coatings ensure that you’ll be receiving the best results available, providing a heavy duty and durable coating to all of your pipelines. Our outstanding safety record ensures that your projects will be in capable hands, and we pride ourselves on confined space safety program necessary for work inside pipelines.

Our services are ideally suited for oil and other petrochemical facilities, power plants, water pipelines, and waste management facilities, as well as any other raised pipelines that may require coating. With our years of experience, Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd can assure you that your projects will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Site Inspection
We provide the highest quality inspection, consulting, safety awareness, land and construction site management services to our clients and their projects within the oil, gas and wind energy industry.

Pipeline Construction
Our dedication to quality and superior service provides our customers with well-trained and qualified personnel whose commitment to job safety and quality-of-work mirror the needs and requirements of the customer.

We partner with our clients to achieve safety, compliance, quality, and cost effectiveness on projects of all sizes. Call us today to see what a valuable asset Rocotex Inspection Services can be to your organization.

Pre-Qualification Test
Pre-qualification testing is a fast and efficient customized testing service from Rocotex Integrated Services that ensures your equipment and plants stand up to the qualification and design verifications. Standards in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries and LNG industries are constantly being reviewed by industry working groups. Improved test requirements eventually lead to efficiency.

With Rocotex pre-qualification testing be sure the data on your systems are correct and take full advantage of our independent lab reports.
Our pre-qualification assesses your modules before and after exposure to different types of stress. We do this by a visual inspection and testing of insulation and measurement of performance.

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