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Procurement & Supplies

Welcome to Rocotex Integrated Services Limited, an Engineering, procurement and supplies company with emphasis in the marine, construction, energy, oil and gas sectors. We also provide welding and fabrication, corrosion handling, and general maintenance and repairs of different plants and machines used in the marine, petrochemicals, energy, refineries, oil and gas industries.

Our mission is not only limited to aid the distribution of quality products but to assist companies formulate marketing and supply strategies that allow distribution of goods from and within the Nigerian markets. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are provided the best quality materials with prompt response and at a reasonable price. Experience and wide-ranging contacts within the marine, oil, gas, construction and marketing sector gives us a knowledgeable base to operate and succeed. We offer brand consultation within the markets and strategic planning that will help companies analyse risks and find new paths & establishment in Africa.

Rocotex Consultants give clients full assurance of a stable foundation to operate and fulfill all targets and goals. We are outstanding in the procurement and supplies of safety and electrical materials, heavy equipment and cabin stores within the marine,construction,oil and gas industries; also we provide innovative ways to increase our trading, supplies, distribution channels, retail outlets owners and local/international partners who understand the importance of fair and honest business.
With effective management ability, foresight, entrepreneurial and team of talented and committed affiliates. We strive to develop into one of the major business groups internationally.

Procurement strategies are part of contemporary industries who understand the essence of cost reduction and companies now consider purchasing at a minimum cost for a source of revenue. Rocotex Consultants can facilitate any procurement & supply operations into an on demand service by providing a full procurement services based on clients requirements. Since its inception, Rocotex has relentlessly worked to serve procurement and supplies of products at a reasonable and affordable cost in various sectors including, Oil and Gas, Construction, Petrochemical and marine.

Some common identified regrettable practices in procurement include lack of insight into spending on procured products from suppliers, contractors, labour intensive cost, nonchalant sourcing approaches, and a scarcity of well-trained procurement professionals. Rocotex Integrated Services Ltd can assist you increase visibility into your total spending, assess opportunity for savings, and identifying weaknesses in your purchasing variables. With our range of procurement expertise we can supply your desired products, materials, and equipment’s at any project sites at a reasonable cost saving prize.

Rocotex Consultants are wholly committed to render complete support/contract services and our capability as it relates to industrial experience, technical expertise and financial strength places us in good stance to compete for projects and successfully meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Apart from specialized bulk procurement services, our procurement plays a vital role in ensuring that our clients are able to minimize downtimes during planned shutdowns or turnarounds. We guarantee on manufacturers, production lines, and delivery as scheduled. We also offer a door to services, eliminating any risk to client.
We have partnerships with buying houses in Europe and USA both of which have established record of delivering on time-bound and cost effective procurement orders.


• Pressure gauges
• Transmitters
• Gas detectors
• Fisher Rosemount
• control valves
• level controllers
• Flow meters
• Actuators
• Sensors

• Switches
• Circuit breakers
• Transformers
• Industrial fuses
• Arrestors,
• Surge protectors
• cables

• compressors
• pumps
• engines
• mechanical seals
• Gasket

• Ball
• Check
• Butterfly
• Gate
• Plug

• Flanges
• Stud bolts
• Reducers
• Bends
• Flanges
• Insulating joints.
• pipes

• Chains
• Shackles
• Nylon Ropes
• Lifting equipment

• Alarm and security systems
• Safety wears
• Industrial hand and power tools

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