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Tank Lining


Rocotex Engineering gives you and your industrial firm various forms of coatings on your pipelines and linings of your tank vessels. These are all proper for different kinds of tanks, as well as dofferent vessels and pipes too.

Vessel and tank lining contractors, Nigeria

We make flexible different application processes including inspection and startup preparations. These give us the opportunity to give treatments to many systems such as chemical plants and water tanks. Our facilities for large vessels are readily available. Where a critical operational time management is involved, our huge experience are always there for you in site lining applications to ensure downtime are reduced always.

Our tank-lining specifications and the benefits

  • It protects your equipment against corrosion
  • Structures for liquid seals are well managed
  • The potable water are safely stored
  • Chemical erosion are protected and resisted
  • Appropriate for both low and high temperature environments

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